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Bathroom faucets

The bathroom should be functional and comfortable. It is used not only to maintain hygiene, but in many cases it is our relaxation and spa area. For this reasons it is important to carefully choose sanitary ware and additional accessories. Faucets and accesories play a very important role in the interior design arrangement.

Which bathroom faucets are the most suitable?

When choosing bathroom faucets, we need to take into consideration conditions that adversely affect the fixtures. Moisture, steam and detergents have a negative effect not only on sanitary ware, but also on bathroom faucets. They must be made of materials that are resistant to these factors, and last but not least, easy to clean. We need to pay attention to details of the faucet and match it to the rest of the interior design. In our online range customers will be able to purchase faucets of different types:

- classic designs,
- modern designs with a ceramic valve,
- shower faucet sets,
- washbasin faucets of different height and sizes,
- shower nozzles and rainshowers,
- bath fixtures and fittings,
- bidet faucet sets.

All models are available in different colours. We offer faucets in silver as well as black, gold or rose gold. In addition to the classic and modern designs, we also offer a range of interesting retro style fixtures.

Bathroom faucets – online store

Our offer includes a wide selection of bathroom fixtures. We also offer additional accessories, such as faucet aerators and plugs, which will improve the comfort of using sanitary facilities. Depending on the fixtures you choose, you can opt for wall-mounted or concealed bathroom faucets. With such a diverse range of products, you can easily choose a bathroom faucet to match your interior design, sanitary parameters and your own needs.


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