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Folding shower doors

Selecting a shower enclosure is not everything,just as important is that its individual components and accessories fit together properly, including the doors, which determines the shower functionality and your comfort when showering. Especially relevant in small spaces, due to ergonomic design of the bathroom. We offer you folding shower doors, which are a frequent customers’s choice because of their practical design.

What are the features of a folding shower door?

They are a very good alternative to hinged and sliding shower doors. Thanks to their clever design, they take up very little space when folded. Modern folding shower doors can be opened both inwards and outwards. This allows us to “hide” the folded door inside the recess, which optically enlarges the bathroom. These models are ideal for small bathrooms where space must be used in a functional manner. The folding shower doors are installed in recessed showers, which are a contemporary alternative to traditional cabins. This gives customers a broad range of options when it comes to tailoring shower accessories and doors to individual needs.

Folding shower doors – which one to choose?

Unlike traditional shower enclosures, folding showers can have non-standard measurements. Therefore, before buying a particular model of wing, the entrance to the shower enclosure should be carefully measured. The direction in which the door will open is another crucial factor. You can choose between accordion shower doors and folding shower doors, which slide along the frame. Both variants distinguish functionality and do not take up much space, so the decision to install a particular model is an individual matter.

Folding shower doors – a variety of solutions.

It is extremely important to us that our offer meets the expectations of every customer. Therefore we pride ourselves on a wide selection of folding shower doors and accordion doors, which differ from each other in their parameters and construction. However, each model is characterised by:

- aesthetic appearance,
- functionality,
- highest quality materials,
- many colour variants of frames,
- resistance to breakage,
- convenience,
- easy to keep clean.

Rich design and excellent quality make our folding shower doors meet expectations of the most demanding customers. Check out our full range of products!


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