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Shower screen Rea Bler-1 120 + shelf and hanger EVO

ID: 5778
EAN: 5906366004414
SKU: KPL-K7957
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Technical parameters
Shower enclosure size: 120
Colour: Black
Shower enclosure type: Walk-in
Glass color: Transparent 8mm
Direction of the cabin: Universal
Warranty: 24 months
Manufacturer: Rea

Bler-1 shower screen

Modern design with a subtle hint of geometry will surely refresh any bathroom decor and introduce an amazing atmosphere, regardless of whether the interior arrangement is marked with a modern, vintage or any other style.

p {padding: 10px 0 0 0}. Black profiles in combination with transparent glass are nothing more than a perfect balance in the design of the entire product. Black lines running along the wall, creating a well-balanced pattern, are yet another value that pleases the eye of even the most sophisticated tastes. An adjustable, aluminum arm completes the whole composition with its minimalism.

p {padding: 10px 0 0 0}. The * Bler * shower wall is not only a necessity for everyday hygiene, it is also a time for a moment of relaxation that you deserve after a long day. We have made every effort to ensure that, in addition to high-class functionality, the product is also a unique element in your bathroom and pleases not only your body but also your eyes. Let your bathroom become something more than just a place to refresh.

p {padding: 10px 0 0 0}. For maximum comfort, our wall is covered with an innovative nano coating * Easy Clean *, it is a technology that allows you to keep the wall in perfect order with minimum effort. Maintain perfect cleanliness without the use of strong detergents. Additionally, the attached floor strip protects the shower glass from damage. * Black color is applied in the production process, then twice hardened together with the leaf at 600-800 ° C. * It guarantees 100% durability and resistance to scratches and mechanical damage. This is the only method that ensures the highest quality and durability.

Practical shelf with a towel rail Evo Black Mat

The set with the Bler shower wall includes a practical shelf with Evo towel rail. It is made of high quality aluminum covered with a matte black color resistant to damage and scratches. A practical shelf will allow you to keep order in the bathroom, and its modern appearance will be an additional decorative element of your bathroom.

Before installation, the shelf should be cut to the width of the shower glass, the maximum length of the shelf is 120 cm. The assembly method is extremely intuitive, just tighten the screws that will keep the shelf at the desired height.

Suitable shower sets, drains and other accessories in the field of bathroom fittings can be found in the offer of our store.

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